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Do you want to pursue selling as a career? Do you need help selling your personal brand so that you can succeed in music, athletics or politics? Whether you have a passion for sales or a passion for something that needs to be sold, the Centurion Sales Program will provide you with the selling, leadership and negotiation skills that you need for success beyond Stetson University.

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Program Overview

The world's economy is suffering from an absence of trained sales professionals. As sales looks to evolve from transactional, boots-on-the-ground models, salespeople require the tools to assess customer needs, forecast global and regional trends, and partner to create comprehensive solutions. The Centurion Sales Program is designed to bridge that gap between the classroom and real-world performance.

As a student, you will gain unique sales knowledge to support your individual ambitions. The program offers interactive courses in our cutting-edge video sales labs, professional development opportunities and a far-reaching community of faculty, alumni and partners committed to sales excellence in Florida and beyond.

Bringing Technology to Sales Education

The epicenter of the Centurion Sales Program is its innovative facilities, featuring specialized sales training labs outfitted with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment. Within these labs, students develop and hone their skills in sales, practicing sales calls and role-plays with customers.

Students can access the sales lab recordings, reviewing their own performances. Faculty annotate the videos, reinforcing positive sales techniques and providing direction to students as their sales skills grow.


Our faculty originate from diverse sales backgrounds, uniting their experience in both professional and educational areas such as pharmaceutical sales, entrepreneurial sales valuation, sales strategy and negotiation.

  • Dena Hale, PhD, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • John Riggs, DBA, Kennesaw State University

Career Significance

Selling is a fundamental part of every business; knowing how to effectively and persuasively sell an idea, a product, a service, point of view or even yourself is critical to long-term success.

Through coursework, role-plays and projects, you will develop persuasive communication skills that build long-term relationships. With a solid understanding of the consultative selling process, you will be prepared for a career in sales, sales management and sales leadership in any organization or industry.


Success Stories

Jodi Campbell '18, network infrastructure recruiter at TEKsystems

For me, the sales program has been really eye-opening. It has drastically changed my view of sales as a profession. I have learned how to meet, treat and interact with people. Beyond personality and drive, I have begun to learn the leadership and emotional intelligence skills that are essential to becoming successful in sales. At the end of the day, no matter what I do, I am still selling something to someone. Whether I am in a doctor's office or a law office, I'm still convincing someone of something and I need those emotional intelligence skills to be able to relate back to them and tell them, okay, this is what you really need.

Alondra Lopez '18

Not many schools offer a program as resourceful and crucial as this one. For my interviewers to hear I had training in areas that they themselves pay to train put me ahead of the game. For me, the ability to be able to approach anyone and have the skills to detect a need and become a problem solver can be useful in any setting. Ultimately, I feel minoring in sales was the best investment I could have made.

Career Outlook

Demand is high for qualified sales professionals, and graduates of Stetson's sales program are advancing to launch careers in the technology, financial and banking sectors. Benefiting from one of the top sales programs in the nation, and with internship, leadership and field-study requirements, Stetson sales students are well-prepared to bring immediate value to any business or corporation.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies 2019.

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