Family Enterprise Management

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Family businesses generate more than 50% of global GDP and contribute to the creation of 60% of all new jobs. They are some of the oldest, most successful and most sought-after employers in the world, including household names like the GAP, Ford, Samsung and Walmart. Careers in family enterprise comes in many forms, from work at family businesses, family offices or family foundations to the consulting, legal or financial firms that serve family enterprises. Whether you want to work for one of these businesses, take over your parents' business someday or set up your own family firm, the Family Enterprise Management program teaches you how to tackle the complexities of these businesses.

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Program Overview

Within an increasingly complex, competitive and uncertain environment, the modern family business faces a triple requirement: competitive imperative, leadership excellence and efficient governance.

Stetson University's Family Enterprise Management program focuses on understanding these challenges, exploring how they can affect the functioning of the business and the owning family and learning from successful family enterprises. From understanding the family business system and key managerial issues to assessing the best incorporation strategies, the program will help you develop your own agenda for the future.

The program curriculum is designed to encourage interdisciplinary study, enabling students to graduate with double majors such as Family Enterprise and Accounting or Family Enterprise and Finance.

A History of Success

With almost two decades of experience and four national awards, Stetson University's Family Enterprise Program is an acknowledged leader in family business curriculum. It's the nation's first major and second-oldest minor in family business, with a board of advisors who keep the program grounded in practical, real-world experience and innovative and engaging programs.

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Our distinguished and dedicated faculty place their students' success as their number one priority.

Career Significance

We will prepare you to enter the job market, or your own family business, with a proven skill set for employment in the following areas of family enterprise management:

  • Company operations
  • Family foundation management
  • Consulting
  • Legal services
  • Financial advising

Graduates of the Family Enterprise Management program flourish as managers, employees, owners and advisors to family enterprises.

Career Outlook

According to a 2011 study, family-owned businesses are the engines generating more than half of the overall GDP and while many of us think of multi-national corporations as the biggest employers, in fact more of the world works in family enterprises. However, general business programs rarely prepare students for the unique challenges of operating a family-based business. The qualities and strengths of the Family Enterprise program bring high value to graduates, and their degree and business knowledge make them highly valued to business enterprises of all sizes.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies 2019.

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