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Stetson University's faculty-led study abroad programs are a wonderful opportunity for you to gain significant international experience while enrolled in Stetson University courses and benefiting from Stetson University faculty's global expertise. Our faculty-led programs usually range from one to four weeks, with most occurring in the summer or winter, making it even easier for you to study abroad. Faculty-led programs are especially beneficial to first-time travelers, as they tend to be the most structured of our options and offer a wide variety of Stetson University classes, allowing you to select from many offerings, fulfill graduation requirements and become a global citizen.

These programs usually offer credit for one or two courses, unless they are part of an existing semester course, in which case there is no additional credit offered for the study abroad component.

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Global Health Governance in Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. A. Johnson
Dates: Canceled due to COVID-19

Explore global leadership and learn about major institutions in global health governance. Visit the WHO, the UN and the ICRC. Understand the importance of global health diplomacy and discuss the challenges of building coalitions and partnerships to address the global burden of disease. Explore career opportunities and how to prepare for them in a competitive globalized world.

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Stetson in Cuenca, Ecuador

Dr. William Nylen
Dates: Canceled due to COVID-19

Explore immersion in culture, language, and environment! Participate in homestays, overnight visits in Native American communities, and direct one-on-one language exchanges with Ecuadoran students studying English. Excursions include the Incan ruins of Ingapirca, two nights in the indigenous community of Saraguro, local hot springs, El Cajas National Park and the history-rich community of Sigsig!

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Multicultural Health Behavior in Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Dejan Magoc
Dates: Canceled due to COVID-19

Gain a broader perspective of how different cultures approach health-related behaviors through visits to local health care facilities and experience hands-on learning including tours of the Hospital de Sant Pau, Barceloneta, Mount Tibidabo, Pyrenees Mountains and more! Engage with international students and health care professionals from a different culture. 

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The Innovation Trail: From China to the US

Professor Lou Paris
Dates: Canceled due to COVID-19

Students will be guided through the process to develop a micro-innovation company. They will learn to identify products already in the market with high demand and low customer ratings, evaluate product issues and "micro-innovate" solutions. Then, they will identify a manufacturer in China, schedule a visit to their facility, and follow the trail to the American market.

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SOBA ELR in the Dominican Republic

Dr. Megan Young
Dates: Fall Break 2020

Explore the functions of management and the responsibilities associated with each function. Acquire a basic set of tools, vocabulary, knowledge, and skills to manage an organization in a dynamic, diverse and competitive environment. Participate in various service-learning experiences in the DR. Upon returning to campus, additional service-learning projects will take place.

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The Influence of J.S. Bach and G.F. Handel on Sacred Music in Germany and England

Dr. Tim Peter and Jeanna Peterson
Dates: Canceled due to COVD-19

This program highlights the influence of Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel on sacred music in Germany and England between 1700 and 1750.  Visits to museums, churches, important musical monuments and performances by the Stetson School of Music in Germany and England are a significant part of this program. 

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The Literary Imagination in Japan

Dr. Christopher Jimenez
Dates: Canceled due to COVID-19

Learn about Japan and delve into the country's rich history, politics, and culture through literary representations. Witness the sites and settings by comparing the real world depicted in our readings to their representations in literature. Become immersed in Japanese culture and the processes by which writers transmuted the country into fiction and vice versa.

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Religions of the East in Japan

Dr. Christopher Bell
Dates: Canceled due to COVID-19

Explore the major ideas and practices of Hinduism and Buddhism, taking special note of their cultural, historical, political, and material contexts. Experience cultural activities like Wadaiko (Japanese traditional drums), Yuzen-zome (Yuzen dyeing), Wagashi workshop (Japanese traditional confectionery making), and a baseball match at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium.

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The Bible in Art and Artifact in London and Paris

Dr. Mitchell Reddish
Dates: February 29 - March 8, 2020

This is a travel experience part of a semester course. Visit the British Museum, the British Library, the Tate Modern Museum, the National Gallery, the Louvre, and the Musée d’Orsay. Focus on the studies of archeological artifacts and artwork associated with the bible. During the trip, you will also have ample free time to explore many of the sights of Paris and London on your own.

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Russian Language Hybrid Course in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Dr. Snezhana Zheltoukhova
Dates: Canceled due to COVID-19

After a year of studying Russian language and culture, students will have an opportunity for a two-week intensive exploration of contemporary Russia, its history, and culture through the lens of its magnificent cities. A full immersion in the target language by taking the Language Pledge will allow for effective reinforcement and further development of the skills acquired on campus.

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Marketing and Management in Inverness, Scotland

Dr. Hall & Dr. Green
Dates: Canceled due to COVID-19

Participate in a case study project with a local Scottish business. Explore Scotland cultural excursions and activities such as day-long trips to Isle of Skye and the Cairngorms National Park, excursions to nearby sites such as Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle, and Culloden, participate in Highland Games (a classic Scottish sports tradition), and attend a traditional Scottish Burns Supper/Ceilidh.

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Population, Environment, and Society in Shanghai

Dr. Rachel Core
Dates: Canceled due to COVID-19

Analyze population trends and phenomena in relation to their social settings and the environment. Immerse yourself in the most populous city in the world and focus on issues such as transportation, manufacturing, consumption, waste, and health. Also, witness some of the social challenges arising from demographic change by talking to representatives from NGOs.

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Health Systems in South Africa

Dr. Ronette Lategan-Potgieter
Dates: Canceled due to COVID-19 -possible reschedule at the end of the summer or next academic year

Fully immerse yourself in South African culture. Take an academically challenging course along with visits to health facilities, clinics, hospitals, labs, a cheetah sanctuary, game drive, the Cango Caves, a sporting event, and an ostrich farm. Engage in the local culture, by interacting with the local population, working with local students, and attending the local health services and universities.

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English Historical Landscape in the UK

Dr. Kimberly Reiter
Dates: Canceled due to COVID-19

Study the dialogue between British history and the natural environment. Learn how people have adapted and reacted to their environmental surroundings using the materials, technology and mindset of their day. Students are introduced to various approaches and methodologies for studying the landscape with a focus on multiple social and cultural decisions over time.

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