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Lessons From Abroad

Welcome dear adventurers, world travelers, and future leaders, to the Lessons From Abroad conference. We are excited that you are interested in presenting at this wonderful offering to students who have pursued international education. WORLD: Rinker Center for International Learning at Stetson University is excited to host the Florida Lessons from Abroad Conference on Friday, April 5, 2024, from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

During this statewide conference, returning study abroad and international students from colleges and universities across the state of Florida will reflect on the impact that learning abroad and global citizenship have added to their collegiate careers. Students will present their reflections and invite discussion regarding their engagement with new cultures. We welcome you to join us! 

Ideas for presentations:

  • Culture shock or reverse culture shock and how you manage it;
  • A significant learning experience or moment of personal growth that occurred while you were abroad;
  • Navigating intercultural experiences and what you learned from those experiences through friendships, roommates, classrooms, language barriers, food, etc.;
  • How you navigated your personal identity(ies) within the culture of your host country, e.g. race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, etc.;
  • Something you wish someone would have told you before you left, or before you came back, and what knowing that information would have changed for you;
  • What preconceived notions about your host country were true, which ones were false, and what does that host country mean to you now?

Conference highlights:

  • Meeting other recent study abroad returnees and international students from across the state of Florida
  • Hearing from dynamic and motivating speakers
  • Learning how to talk about your newly acquired global skills in a job interview
  • Discovering how you can highlight your study abroad and international student experiences in your resume
  • Networking with professionals working in internationally-focused jobs
  • Dress for the conference is business casual.
  • Be sure to bring several copies of your resume, as the working lunch will include a resume workshop.

Study Abroad Returnees and International Students are encouraged to take advantage of this networking and learning opportunity.

Learn More

The deadline to submit your proposal for the Florida Lessons from Abroad Conference is February 23, 2024. Submit your proposal to present at a conference session. You do not have to register as a conference attendee if you are presenting at the conference. If you are attending the conference but not presenting, be sure to register here. The deadline to register as an attendee is March 15, 2024.