Affiliate and Non-Stetson Programs

Transfer Credit | Does not factor into GPA | Non-Stetson Faculty

Affiliate and non-Stetson programs offer you hundreds of study abroad opportunities in all parts of the world. There are short-term, semester, and year-long options. Students who participate in affiliate and non-Stetson programs take courses from the university or institute associated with that program. Our affiliate programs allow you to go into the world in more independent ways, yet all provide a program structure of academic rigor and safety.

We work with three approved affiliate providers, listed below. Students are welcome to study abroad with a different provider, but please note that WORLD has not reviewed other programs for their quality, safety, or rigor. For both affiliate and non-Stetson programs, students will pay the provider directly for their program costs. Stetson financial aid cannot be transferred to an affiliate or non-Stetson program, though we recommend working with the Office of Financial Planning to see if any of your federal aid can transfer.

Important note: You MUST complete the non-stetson study abroad application before applying to the study abroad provider. WORLD cannot approve you to study abroad on an affiliate or non-Stetson program or fill out any required advisor forms for the provider until you have first submitted the non-Stetson application to study abroad.

Here are all our approved programs!


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CIEE (The Council on International Education Exchange)

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IES Abroad (The Institute for the International Education of Students)

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TEAN (The Education Abroad Network)