Foreign Travel Accident Insurance

International travel accident insurance and travel assistance services are automatically provided through AIG for students, employees, and volunteers participating in Stetson-sponsored academic exchange, semester study abroad programs, faculty-led programs, research, and conferences. Information on this year's policy is linked below. 

Faculty and Staff traveling on a course-related overseas program or on approved overseas university business are also automatically covered under the policy listed above and an additional Voluntary Compensation/worker’s compensation policy. Faculty and staff must notify the Office of Risk Management at least 15 days in advance of the trip to verify coverage. The Office of Risk Management can be reached at (386) 822-7701 or [email protected].

Note: Stetson does not provide personal property insurance for students while attending the University for travelers while on a University-sponsored trip. Students and travelers are responsible for securing such insurance if they want to cover their valuable personal property (such as laptops, phones & other items).