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Social Entrepreneurship: Using Business to Build a Better Tomorrow

Do you believe that business is a powerful tool for creating positive social change? We want to find your passion and turn it into progress. By giving students the opportunity to build local businesses, the Social Entrepreneurship program is meant to build connections between the work you’re already doing so you can graduate with more experience, skills, and impact for life after college.

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Program Details

As a part of the Social Entrepreneurship program, you will have the opportunity to help run a local business incubator. This will include both helping to manage the incubator as well as providing individual counseling to participating businesses. This experience is available to undergraduate students and will provide excellent opportunities for an exciting and unique story that is worthy of conversation with future employers.

Students participating can receive the following program benefits:

  • Specialized Course Sections:
    • Members receive special sections of required courses for their majors that seek to integrate classroom learning with practical incubator work.
  • Community Building:
    • Formation of a well-connected student group beginning in your first semester and continuing through your entire time here at Stetson.
  • Professional Development:
    • Invitations to bi-weekly training courses that focus on enhancing professional skills and networking.
    • Opportunity for further development of individual student projects created in the incubator.
  • Academic Internship and ELR Requirement:
    • Participation in the business incubator guarantees an academic internship.
    • Automatic completion of the ELR (Experiential Learning Requirement) is necessary for all business students.
  • Potential benefits:
    • Early-move-in opportunities.
    • Program-specific housing options.
    • Shared First-Year Seminar experiences.

Who can apply?

We are looking for students who want to do participate in local business and play an active role in the community. Do you have an idea of how you could improve West Volusia County? Our program is designed to give students the resources and energy they need to carry out a dream they’ve always wanted to do. This program isn’t about taking on more responsibility; this is about connecting the work you’re already doing as a student so you can get more out of your time here at Stetson.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected] for more information.

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