Values Day

Values Day

Values Day 2019 is taking place on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 and this year's theme is "Activism Through the Arts". Values Day is an annual tradition established by Stetson University's eighth president, H. Douglas Lee. Every year Stetson University celebrates Values Day in the month of September. Values Day is a day dedicated to the university's commitment to its core values–personal growth, intellectual development, global citizenship, and personal and social responsibility.

Values Day is designed to continue the dialogue between students, faculty and staff so that the Stetson University community shares, learns and appreciates our shared core values. In order to support the ability for the entire Stetson University community to attend, the university cancels classes and closes offices, with the exception of evening graduate classes. The entire community is expected to participate in this day of reflection, community and action.

A Look Back on Values Day 2018

Eric Weiner, author of Geography of Bliss, Geography of Genius, and Man Seeks God, delivered the keynote address, where he shared stories of his travels around the world seeking to understand what makes individuals truly happy, at Stetson University's 2018 Values Day.

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