The purpose of Biased Education Support Team (BEST) is to create opportunities for our campus community to be educated on how to have dialogue across difference. The foundation of BEST is to create educational opportunities for members of our community to discuss and reflect. To achieve this, BEST offers actions such as in-person educational conversations, mediation, letter correspondence between parties, workshops, readings and discussion groups. BEST is committed to response for individuals, but also for the larger community. BEST seeks to identify trends and make suggestions to campus departments for larger community climate response. BEST actions are voluntary.

For an outcome to be mandated, a student must go through the community standards, human resources, faculty, staff, and student grievance procedures, and/or Title IX process. BEST staff can assist students through this process. A BEST report can be filed through the Report It form by going to the form and selecting Bias Education Support Team in the drop-down menu under report type.

Stetson Report It Form to report BEST situations

When filling out the Report It form for BEST situations, please use the Type of Report drop-down menu to select Bias Education Support Team.