A student records data for a project while snorkeling at Blue Spring State Park.

Community-Based Research

The Stetson University Community-Based Research program facilitates collaboration between faculty, student and members of the community to plan and conduct research. This program has a strong focus on using student research skills to address social problems found in the local community. Students learn to apply the theories and methods they have mastered in the classroom to real problems in the community beyond Stetson University, while community partners gain access to the rich research resources offered by the university. The result is a powerful learning experience for students and faculty, as well as a valuable research product for community partners.

Our Resources

The Center for Community Engagement offers a variety of resources to support students, faculty and community partners who would like to learn more about the community-based research process. These resources provide detailed information to support the successful implementation of community-based research projects across campus.

Primary CBR Contact

The primary contact for the Community-Based Research program is Kevin Winchell, Associate Director of Community Engagement.