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Studying Biology at Stetson University features career-oriented instruction that is hands-on, research-driven and offers close faculty collaborations — components that help students quickly experience successful outcomes after graduation. Course concentrations also include aquatic and marine biology, molecular and cellular biology, and the pre-health program.

Why Biology at Stetson University?

Ever encounter a venomous snake, experience a swim among manatees or work with gene editing? At Stetson, you can participate in those activities and more. Students are encouraged — and even required — to move beyond simply learning what is already known and begin to generate new knowledge in and outside the classroom. So, regardless of course, students will get their feet wet about a topic and then dive in-depth. Plus, all courses include lab sessions, and all students are required to complete a senior research project.

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Jordan Cockfield-Iratishe '16 Biology

“When you chose to be an educator at this prestigious institution, you chose to plant seeds of inspiration, guidance and knowledge. ... If you have the opportunity, I stringently encourage you to keep watching your former students as the seed that you planted blossoms. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the beautiful mind of a Stetson Hatter.”

Jordan Cockfield-Iratishe '16 Biology, '21 PhD University of Notre Dame

Stevie Simpson '22

“That was a learning experience because I didn’t realize that just because your results aren’t ‘significant’ doesn’t mean the results are bad. It just means there are plenty of opportunities to continue the study.” 

Stevie Simpson '22 Biology, talking about her senior research project

Career Outcomes

Careers in biology, aquatic and marine biology, molecular and cellular biology, and pre-health are among the “fastest growing occupations,” as projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For example, the need for medical and health services managers is projected to increase by more than 32.5% from 2020 to 2030, with a 2021 median annual wage of $101,340. Similarly, nurse practitioner jobs are projected to increase by more than 52% from 2020-2030, with a 2021 median annual salary of $120,680. According to 2019 data from the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 3.1 million jobs in the field of a biology, with 69% of them requiring at least a bachelor’s degree.

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Students must complete the General Education Requirements of the College of Arts & Sciences, along with the Major Requirements. All biology courses include lab sessions, and all students are required to complete a senior research project.


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