Aquatic and Marine Biology

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Stetson aquatic and marine biology majors are trained to be scientists. Many graduates pursue advanced degrees leading to careers in biological research, environmental science and conservation. Others pursue careers in the health professions. Stetson University's aquatic and marine biology majors will become well-versed in the issues facing freshwater and marine ecosystems. Our convenient Florida location provides ready access to many different bodies of water, in which you will have the opportunity to visit and conduct research projects.

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Program Overview

As a Stetson aquatic and marine biology student, you will gain hands-on experience through an external internship and your senior research project.

Our aquatic and marine biology program provides you with a scientific understanding of life in both aquatic (freshwater) and marine (saltwater) environments. Senior research projects in this field have included studies of lateral line development in salamanders, the nesting ecology of freshwater and sea turtles, the impact of artificial reef design on fish abundance, the population biology of an endangered species of snail, spring fish ecology and manatee distribution and mortality.

With a major in aquatic and marine biology, you may also take advantage of Stetson's membership in the Marine Science Education Consortium for a summer or semester of study at the Duke University Marine Laboratory.

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Internship Opportunities


Our experienced and successful faculty will help guide you through the journey of our program.

Career Significance

Alongside a mastery of knowledge concerning aquatic and marine biology, you will also gain vital skills such as critical thinking, communication skills and field work capability. These skill sets will set you up for rewarding careers in multiple fields.

As a Stetson graduate of aquatic and marine biology, you will be prepared for roles such as 

  • Graduate student (masters in marine science, shark biology, fisheries science; veterinary school; pharmacy school)
  • Education and restoration specialist
  • Teacher
  • County environmental manager
  • Lab technician (water quality, DNA analyst)
  • Fisheries biologist

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Career Outlook

The overall demand for aquatic and marine biologists is expected to remain high as changes to weather patterns and marine life impact the sustainability of water-based plants and animals. The strongest growth is indicated in clinical laboratory research, health, biological science, and environmental and climate science careers. Nearly half of all positions ask for 0-2 years of experience, and almost 64% ask for or require a bachelor's degree.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies 2019.

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