Cedar Key

Our Faculty and Staff

Environmental Science and Studies

  • Wendy Anderson, Professor and Chair, Ecosystem ecology, community ecology, plant physiological ecology.
  • Jason Evans, Assistant Professor; Landscape ecology, Executive Director, Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience.
  • Benjamin Tanner, Assistant Professor; geology, wetlands, climate and environmental change.
  • Sarah Cramer, Assistant Professor; Sustainable Food Systems
  • David Griffis, Adjunct Professor.
  • Asal Johnson, Associate Professor; Public Health Program Director, epidemiology, neighborhood planning, global health 

Contributing Faculty

The following faculty members contribute to the environmental science program. Their departmental affiliations and interests are listed beside their names.

  • Cynthia Bennington; Department of Biology; plant ecology
  • Paul Jerome Croce; Department of American Studies; American markets and nature
  • Terence Farrell; Department of Biology; Reptile Behavior Ecology
  • Kim Reiter; Department of History; ancient and medieval history
  • Robert Sitler; Department of Modern Languages and Literatures; Spanish and Mayan culture
  • Kirsten Work; Department of Biology; limnology, conservation biology
  • Karen Cole; Director, Gillespie Museum; K-12 environmental outreach
  • Michelle DeMoss; Department of Marketing; sustainability, entrepreneurship
  • Missy Gibbs; Department of Biology; invasive fish biology
  • John Jett; Department of Biology; human-wildlife interaction
  • Kevin Riggs; Department of Physics; Alternative energy
  • John York; Department of Chemistry; fuel technology