Jason Evans

Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Studies

Jason Evans is an interdisciplinary systems and landscape ecologist who works in the fields of climate adaptation, land cover change, and water quality improvement within the built environment.

  • PhD, interdisciplinary ecology, concentration: environmental engineering sciences, University of Florida
  • MS, interdisciplinary ecology, University of Florida
  • BA, philosophy, New College of Florida


Jason Evans


Jason Evans is an interdisciplinary systems and landscape ecologist who works in the interfaces between human and natural systems. Most of his current research projects involve collaborations with local governments along the southeastern U.S. coast to develop vulnerability assessments and policy recommendations for floodplain management and sea-level rise adaptation. Another body of Evans's research has focused on land cover change, wildlife habitat and life cycle assessments for bioenergy systems (including ethanol, biogas, and wood pellets) across the U.S. Evans also has extensive experience and interest in the ecology, management and restoration of Florida springs ecosystems. In addition to his teaching and research appointment at Stetson, Evans serves as the Co-Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Environmental Management, one of the world's most highly ranked publications within the fields of environmental engineering, planning, and assessment.

More About Jason Evans

Areas of Expertise

  • Spatial modeling
  • Life cycle assessments
  • Conservation planning
  • Environmental policy
  • Green infrastructure

Course Sampling

  • Introduction to Environmental Science and Studies
  • Geographic Information Systems and Science
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Planning
  • Enduring Questions (Honors First Year Seminar)

  • Sea level rise
  • Aquatic plant phytoremediation
  • Habitat restoration in urban environments

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