Wellness and Recreation Staff

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Deana Lowry

Director of Wellness and Recreation

Deana joined the Wellness and Recreation team in May 2021 as the Assistant Director and has been in the Director role since January 2024. She received her BS in Exercise Science from the University of Toledo and her MA in Human Resources and Employment Relations from Penn State University. Deana has been involved in campus recreation for the past eleven years, providing professional development to student employees and overseeing the operations of the facility's day to day use. Deana enjoys working out, spending time with her family and friends and trying new experiences. 

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Lauren Hancock

Associate Director of Wellness and Recreation

Lauren joined the Wellness and Recreation team in January 2023 and will be working directly with The WELL Team, Fronk Scholars, and Health Promotion initiatives. She received both her BS in Health Education and her Master of Public Health degrees from the University of West Florida. Lauren loves reading, going to Disney, cuddling her cats, being outside, trying new foods, traveling, and spending time with her spouse, friends, and family.

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Travis Potter

Assistant Director of Wellness and Recreation

Travis joined the Wellness and Recreation team in November 2014 and works directly with the Intramural Sports and Club Sports programs. He received his BA in practical writing; film, video, and media studies in 2012 from Western Michigan University and his MA in sport management from Western Michigan University in 2014. Travis greatly enjoys working with students, faculty and staff to expand the reach of the Intramural Sports and Club Sports programs.

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Meggie Schneider

Graduate Assistant for Health Promotion

Meggie joined the Wellness and Recreation Team in the summer in May 2021. She is on track to become a double Hatter - Meggie is currently enrolled in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program and received her BS in Chemistry and Health Sciences at Stetson. Meggie works closely with the WELL Team and multiple other Health Promotion Initiatives on campus. Meggie enjoys competitive road cycling and going on long walks with her dog.

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Vishal Sharma

Graduate Assistant 

Vishal is the Graduate Assistant for Sport Programs here at Stetson University. He has worked in the Wellness and Recreation department with many hats, having filled intramural referee, fitness, lifeguard, and building manager positions. Originally from New Delhi, India, Vishal spent his high school years at a beautiful boarding school in Rabun Gap, Georgia, and enjoyed playing basketball, soccer, and running track. He pursued his undergraduate education at Stetson University and graduated with a major in finance with a concentration in Investments and a minor in Sales. Vishal is currently studying for his Master's in Business Administration with a concentration in Data Analytics. Vishal is looking forward to enhancing the student experience by having productive conversations, solving conflicts, and providing the best service he can provide. 

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Charu Balasubramanian

Graduate Assistant 

Charu joined the Wellness and Recreation team as a Graduate Assistant for Club Sports in the spring of 2024. She is originally from South India and is in the clinical mental health program. Charu enjoys working in the wellness and recreation department and interacting with club sports officers. Charu looks forward to making the experience smooth and inclusive for the club sports officer and is passionate about understanding the connection between mind and body.

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Nicole Currie

Administrative Specialist

Nicole joined Wellness and Recreation in 2012. Her responsibilities are to monitor and maintain the daily office budget of all the departments within Wellness and Recreation, coordinate the acquisitions processes, and act as liaison with the purchasing office. She manages the department's student employee payroll system and the confidential appointments for Student Counseling Services. She is also the administrative specialist for the Student Counseling Services and works in its office, located in Griffith Hall. In her spare time, she has worked alongside a family physician in DeLand for the past 12 years as a licensed massage therapist. She enjoys watching movies, walking, and spending time with my children, friends, husband and three small dogs.

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