A participant playing flag football lines up on the line to begin the down. An official gets ready to call a penalty. A participant hikes the football to start the play.

Intramural Sports

Intramural Sport Offerings - Fall 2021

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RC Racing

A game where participants race around an indoor track with turns and jumps using Remote Control Cars. Races are on Thursday and Monday evenings between September 16 and October 14. Champions are determined by the fastest race time after each evening of racing. 

4v4v4 Softball

A 6-week league beginning on August 24 between multiple teams of four to five players. Instead of a traditional softball game between two teams of ten players; we play games between three teams of four players. Our championship game is decided between the three best teams throughout the regular season schedule. 

Disc Golf

Disc golf is a flying disc sport in which players throw a disc at a target. All Holes are on-campus! Do you have what it takes to throw around buildings, over fountains, and between palm trees? Tee-times are always on Friday afternoons between September and October. 

4v4 Flag Football

A modified form of football in which ballcarriers are downed by pulling off a marker, or flag, loosely attached to a belt, rather than by tackling. We offer Men's, Co-Rec, and a Women's League. All of which begin regular season play on Tuesday, September 14. 

Outdoor 6v6 Soccer

Soccer games on Rinker Field! The regular season begins on Tuesday, October 19. The field size is much smaller than regulation, but the 6v6 aspect makes this game fast-paced with much more scoring. 

Floor Hockey

This short 3-week season faces off near the end of October. Games are played inside Rinker Fieldhouse during weekday evenings until our Champion is crowned after a single-elimination playoff. 


Co-Rec only; teams are created by five males and five females. This 4-week season begins on Wednesday, October 20. 

Virtual Games

There are two different virtual tournaments being offered. The first tournament is a Madden 2022 competition beginning on Monday, September 13. Depending on the number of participants, these tournaments may last one to three weeks with participants playing one to two games a week. 

Rocket League is our second tournament of the Fall semester. It starts up on Monday, October 18 and the League is open to all PC, Xbox and PS users. 

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