A participant playing flag football lines up on the line to begin the down. An official gets ready to call a penalty. A participant hikes the football to start the play.

Intramural Sports

Intramural Sport Offerings - Fall 2021



A 6-8 week season beginning on Thursday, January 20. All participants are welcomed in either the Mens, Co-Rec, or Women's League. The champions for each league are invited to compete in the University Faculty/Staff vs Students game. 

Futsal Soccer

Futsal is a scaled-down version of outdoor soccer that's played inside the Rinker Fieldhouse. The gameplay is much faster with a lot more scoring. The season begins on Monday, January 24 and extends through the end of March. 

Ultimate Frisbee

This non-contact sport is self-refereed and is played with a flying disc. Each team defends one endzone, and the aim of the game is to score a goal by catching the disc in the opposite endzone. 


This 4 week league is played on Friday evenings between 7pm-8:30pm and is set to start on Friday, February 11. Our Trivia Champion is the one with the most points at the end of the 4th week. 

Flag Football

Games consist of 7v7 teams and reflects standard Flag Football rules as written by the National Federation High School (NFHS) association. This 4-week League begins on Tuesday, March 22. 

Indoor Volleyball

After a 1-year hiatus from the programming schedule, Indoor Volleyball is back! The season begins on Tuesday, March 29. Teams can expect to play multiple times a week before the single-elimination playoff that follows the season. All games are played inside Rinker Fieldhouse. 

Soccer Golf

This 3-week competition is played around Stetson's Main Campus. Each week participants will complete 5 holes, and after the 3rd week the participant with the lowest score gets to select the 5-holes to be played in the championship round. The objective is to kick a soccer ball into a designated spot for each hole. 

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