Fronk Scholars

Inspired by Dr. Leon Smith’s (1970 alumnus and parent of Andrew ’11) tireless advocacy to bring the issue of heroin addiction to the forefront of the Stetson community, the Fronk Scholars program was established. The program is named in honor of retired Stetson Chaplain Michael Fronk, who was a true leader who impacted countless lives through his careful work with students and families in crisis.

The Fronk Scholars facilitate workshops and face-to-face outreach to address drug misuse and abuse in the Stetson community. The primary education provided by these students surrounds the opioid epidemic, the dangers of fentanyl, and Narcan administration, but they also cover other drug education such as tobacco, sedatives, and prescription stimulants. The goal of the Fronk Scholars program is to stop the stigma surrounding substance use disorder, change the perceived use of these drugs on campus, and educate on the dangers of gateway drugs.

Through their harm reduction efforts, the Fronk Scholars strive to do the following:

  • Educate, increase awareness, correct misconceptions, and provide resources
  • Be a support and resource for others
  • Create positive change through leadership, partnerships, and networks.
  • Refuse to be passive bystanders
  • Lead lives that are healthy and balanced
  • Share stories of change

Our community partners:

  • Volusia Recovery Alliance provides us with the Narcan that is seen throughout the DeLand campus and connects with our students during tabling outreach and the Rx and ENDS Takeback event.
    • Stetson University is a model partner with Volusia Recovery Alliance, which uses our policies, events, and services as examples for other colleges and universities in the central Florida area.
  • Largest Heart Orlando provides us with fentanyl test strips that are distributed during tabling outreach and connect with our students during tabling outreach and events.
    • Stetson University is an inaugural member of the Largest Heart’s Ambassador Program, where we aim to raise awareness, promote prevention, and provide life-saving tools and support to help end the opioid crisis.