Reservations Home

Wellness and Recreation oversees all reservations for both Rinker Field and the Hollis Center. Use the side-bar located to the left to view all active Ad Astra reservations for each respective area.

How To Reserve A Space

To reserve a space for either Rinker Field or the Hollis Center, please refer to Ad Astra located in your resource tab within your my.stetson. When reserving a space, both locations are under the title, "Wellness and Recreation". After selecting the correct tab, you will be prompted to fill out a request form. All reservations must be submitted prior to two weeks before the event. All reservations are reviewed prior to acceptance, and an approval or denial of your request will be given within two business days of your request.

Spring and summer semester reservation requests are not reviewed until December 1.

Fall semester reservation requests are not reviewed until July 1.

Reservation Request Form

Use the link provided below to access the Wellness and Recreation request form. You will need to log into your my.stetson to access; from your my.stetson home page, click the Resources tab and select the "Request an Event/Event Management" link.

Reservation Questions

If you have any questions about reserving a space, contact Travis Potter at [email protected]