Multicultural Student Organizations

The organizations listed on this page are recognized groups that fall under the Multicultural Student Council. If you don't see a group that looks interesting to you, Stetson University has over 100 recognized student organizations, and if you still don't find one that interests you, it's easy to start your own!

The African Students' Union at Stetson is like a community of friends who have met after a long time apart. Coming from different backgrounds like Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, and more, ASU has become more than just a group of people coming from a particular region in the world to a place where difference is celebrated and shared. Through our events and collaborations, we introduce a glimpse of our world to the Stetson community and beyond, addressing stereotypes and creating new understandings about the African continent. Join ASU today and share in that friendship, culture, and diversity.

The goal of the Asian Pacific American Coalition is to promote awareness about Asian Pacific culture and experience in America. This organization was established in December 2012 and is open to everyone, regardless of culture and heritage.

The Black Student Association is one of the many cultural organizations dedicated to providing positive cultural, intellectual and social activities for all students at Stetson University. We are an association in which African-American students with similar interests and views can come together as a unified voice. As a result, we help to create a positive self-identity among our members and others through community involvement and campus interaction.

The Caribbean Student Association strives to educate the Stetson University community about Caribbean culture and diversity. We promote equality and provide various events to celebrate the many Caribbean countries. The CSA has established a network of support that fosters a Caribbean family with the goal of improving cultural diversity on campus by expanding our organization. Come join our home away from home!

The purpose of the Jewish Student Organization/Hillel is to provide Jewish cultural and religious experiences to the Stetson University community.

Kaleidoscope, Stetson University's Gay/Straight Alliance, is a community-based organization that actively pursues opportunities to promote acceptance, friendship and partnership of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight communities. We work to create a supportive atmosphere for GLBTQ and allied students to discuss their feelings and thoughts about sexual orientation and gender identity. Through education and awareness initiatives, we hope to reduce anti-gay violence, harassment and discrimination by promoting a greater understanding between students, school administration and the local community.

The Latinx Student Union (LSU) is about being united, united within our Latinx community and with our allies. LSU fosters a family environment for students, as well as a safe space on campus, offering networking opportunities between Latinx students, faculty, and alumni. LSU strives to foster an environment where Latinx students feel welcomed and accepted to improve and enhance their overall success and experience as Hatters. LSU will strive to educate our Stetson community about Latinx culture and its diversity to advocate in areas of civic engagement, civil rights, immigration, education, health, and housing. Being united makes us stronger. Join LSU

The Middle Eastern & North African Association is going to provide Stetson students an opportunity to discover Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African cultures through the exploration of food, language, music, dancing, costume, and other cultural traditions. MENAA will also serve as a platform to connect Arab students to each other and introduce all Hatters to different aspects of Arab culture, thus enriching their college experience.

The Muslim Student Association's purpose is to educate people about the Muslim culture and religion. It is open to all who want to know more about the religion of Islam.

SONAR is a student organization created to educate and involve the Stetson community with Native American culture, history and traditions.