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Multicultural Student Council

Multicultural Student Council

The Multicultural Student Council consists of student organizations leaders coming together to share culture and work towards shared culture and work towards shared experiential learning.

Mission Statement

We are change agents charged to create a safe space for students. We are change agents charged to focus on Multicultural Students. We are change agents responsible for advocating for Multicultural student needs, strengthening individual multicultural student organizations, unifying multicultural groups around common issues - we do this through intentional programming, leadership development workshops, funding collaborative efforts and fostering positive relationships with faculty advisors.

Multicultural Student Council Chair

Tahira L. Perry

Tahira L. Perry is a junior at Stetson University with a major in biology and minors in public health and Spanish. She has been involved with the Cross Culture Center, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and many other realms of the Stetson University campus since her freshman year at Stetson. Tahira is very passionate about equity and promoting inclusion around campus while educating all individuals about the importance of intersectionality. You can reach her at if you have any questions.

Get Involved With Our Multicultural Student Organizations!

  • Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC)
  • Black Student Association (BSA)
  • Caribbean Student Association (CSA)
  • Kaleidoscope Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA)
  • Hillel Jewish Student Organization (JSO)
  • Hispanic Organization for Latin Awareness (UNIDOS)
  • Muslim Student Association (MSA)
  • Stetson Organization for Native American Revitalization (SONAR)

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