WISE tree

What is WISE?

WISE: Woke Independent Student Empowerment is a strengths-based leadership development and mentorship program for underserved populations on Stetson University's campus, including

  • Students of Color
  • LGBTQIA students
  • First-Generation Students
  • And many more!

WISE aims to build a community among African-American, Asian-American, Native American, Latinx, Multi-racial, LGBTQ+ and first-generation college students. The purpose of WISE is to ease student transition from high school to Stetson University by exposing WISE Scholars to the Hatter community and the many programs and resources available.

The program provides students an opportunity to dialogue and explore issues of difference, acceptance, and intercultural learning. These skills are critical to your success at Stetson and beyond. Our students come from a wide range of areas, from urban cities to rural towns, metropolitan suburbs to countries around the world. Our program is particularly relevant for students from traditionally underrepresented groups/backgrounds and international students.

WISE explores the diversity of student experiences at Stetson University, with emphasis on the experiences of students of color and on issues related to cultural leadership.

While any Stetson Student can participate in WISE programming, we have a cohort mentorship model for those who wish to gain a more immersive and guided experience on campus.

For questions about the WISE program or how to get involved, contact Amanda Castoire at acastoire@stetson.edu for more information.