Staff Directory

Joanne Harris-Duff

Director of Diversity and Inclusion | 386-822-7402

Joanne Harris-Duff serves as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Joanne received her bachelor's degree in English from Bridgewater College and master’s degree in social sciences from Hollins University. Prior to coming to Stetson University, Joanne was the Director of Diversity Education and Advocacy at her alma mater, Bridgewater College in Virginia.

Joanne has a long history of supporting students in creating cultural programs and initiatives aimed at educating, embracing and celebrating diversity and encouraging inclusion excellence.

In 2013, she and her spouse, Jessica, were named plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit challenging Virginia’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples. Her publication entitled “Just Like Other Couples — But Without Rights” details her family’s journey toward winning the right to marry in Virginia. They are the proud parents of two active children. Joanne sites her mother as being the inspiration for her work in social justice and change, stating, “I am who I am because of her.”

Joanne Harris-Duff

Amanda Castoire

Coordinator of Diversity & Inclusion | 386-822-7983

Amanda was raised in South Florida and came to Central Florida as an undergraduate student from Rollins College where she received a BA in Anthropology. She is an advocate for cultural relativism. She is passionate about engaging people in the concept of all cultures being equal, legitimate expressions of human existence. Through her position as a community outreach educator, she strives to further diversity and inclusion on campus. She is also a licensed Zumba instructor and has the pleasure of teaching in the Hollis Center Wednesdays at 5 p.m.


Amira el Boussaidi

Graduate Assistant of Diversity & Inclusion  | 386-822-7983

Amira was raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and came to Stetson University as an exchange student back in the Spring of 2016. She received her BA in Laws in the Netherlands and started her M.A. in Counseling at Stetson University in the Fall of 2018. She is working towards entering Law School in Florida to become a Family Law attorney.

Growing up as a Dutch-Moroccan Muslim in a multicultural city, she was presented with many opportunities to interact with others such as speaking multiple languages on a daily basis and being involved in activities that encouraged different political beliefs, ideologies, races, ethnicity, genders, sexual orientation, ages and economic statuses. By this, she was able to expand her world knowledge by witnessing different ways of life, cultural traditions, and contrasting perspectives.

She truly believes that working in this department will prepare her to help other individuals in her career. In the future, she wants to be involved in the understanding of how individuals learn and mature cognitively and socially in relation to their different backgrounds. In addition, she would like to change the world by impacting lives one at a time through clarifying issues of development and transmitting clear knowledge to individuals.