MSC Officers


Skip D'Addio, MSC Chair

Skip is a senior at Stetson University majoring in Psychology and minoring in History. She has been involved with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in multiple capacities since the start of her time at Stetson, including as a WISE Scholar and Leader, Community Outreach Intern and an Office Assistant. Additionally, she also served three years in the Student Government Association, two of which as the Chair for the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. Skip is passionate about intersectional activism and is committed to being an effective leader, ally, and activist in her community.

"I have been so blessed to call the Cross-Cultural Center my home and to call the ODI staff and my fellow students my family during my time here. This passion reflects itself in my work. I'm not only dedicated to being a change agent myself, but I am passionate about educating our community and developing members of our community into change agents themselves. I believe in the power of our voices, and when we use them to become a collective, we can change the world."

VP of Operations

Danielle "Dani" Hendrick, VP of Operations

Dani is in her Junior year at Stetson. She loves lots of things, like Dolly Parton and cinnamon, but mostly she loves people. Her involvement around campus and especially in ODI keeps her motivated to continue fighting for people because people are so vitally important.

Communications Officer

Madeline Morrell, Communications Officer

Hello! My name is Madeline Morrell and I'm a junior at Stetson University. My current major is Digital Arts, which means I love photography and all things artsy. I'm super interested in sustainable and recycled fashion, so I love to dye clothing or try to sew old pieces into something new and fun. I’m also super passionate about diversity and inclusion, I believe that everyone should experience basic human rights and be treated equally. We are all on this planet together, we should be able to coexist in the same space and advance in the world without any hatred. Embrace what you aren't familiar with!

VP of Finance

Ngan Le, VP of Finance

Hi, I'm Ngan Le. I'm an international business and finance double major from Parrish, Florida. I'm passionate about learning and social change!

Records and Documents Officer

Giansy "GiGi" Paul, Records and Documents Officer

Hi, my name is Giansy Paul, but you can call me GiGi and I’m a senior at Stetson University. My current majors are Political Science and Public Management with a minor in Journalism. I am the records and documents officer for the Multicultural Student Council and President of the Honor System Council and Students Against Sexual Assault. I want to partake in meaningful things that aid in growth of myself and others, I believe the work that is being done through the MSC and organizations attached do exactly that :)