MSC Officers


Tahira Perry, MSC Chair

Tahira L. Perry is a senior at Stetson University with a major in biology and minors in public health and Spanish. She has been involved with the Cross Culture Center, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and many other realms of the Stetson University campus since her freshman year at Stetson. Tahira is very passionate about the improvement of healthcare for marginalized communities within and outside of the United States, dispersing information about the importance of Intersectionality and breaking down the institutions of racism and discrimination in our world.

VP of Operations

Marshall A Thompson, VP of Operations

Marshall Thompson is a senior and has been involved with MSC and ODI since beginning his journey here at Stetson. "I love being involved in MSC and ODI because it gives me a place that I can call home and a purpose. I am passionate about being a change agent and making the world around me a better place. I believe that true change starts at the heart of a person and then grows outwardly."

Communications Officer

Madeline Morrell, Communications Officer

Hello! My name is Madeline Morrell and I'm a sophomore at Stetson University. My current major is Digital Arts, which means I love photography and all things artsy. I’m super interested in sustainable and recycled fashion, so I love to dye clothing or try to sew old pieces into something new and fun. I’m also super passionate about diversity and inclusion, I believe that everyone should experience basic human rights and be treated equally. We are all on this planet together, we should be able to coexist in the same space and advance in the world without any hatred. Embrace what you aren't familiar with!

VP of Finance

Giao Ivy Nguyen, VP of Finance

Hi, my name is Ivy, and I am a senior double majoring in Finance and Business Analytics. I am currently the Vice President of Finance for MSC, and an active member of APAC. I am very involved in the Stetson community because I have grown to love and cherish the place, the people and the opportunities that I have been exposed to. You will likely catch me in the Roland George trading lab in the Lynn Business School where I work as a both a Lab Assistant and Lead Security Analyst for the investment portfolios. If you ever take Business Statistics, you will know of me as a tutor as well.

I have a strong passion about big data analytics because I believe in the age of analytics where boundless untapped opportunities are enabled, which will eventually transform the preexisting human logic. But technology alone does not guarantee a better place for our future generations. I see a dire need to bridge the gaps among us: the gaps that separate us by our own different personal identities, the gaps that bar some of us from accomplishing further, and the gaps that slow down the rapid pace of growth. My diversity & inclusion values are embedded in every hat that I wear. It is essential that we develop an understanding of intergroup relations and various student backgrounds for the continued growth of individuals, of organizations and of Stetson University. To me, what matters is realizing that everyone should have the same opportunity, regardless of sex, age, race and gender, while being aware of unconscious biases that may cloud our judgments. There is only one race of the Earth: the human race. And no masterpiece has ever been painted with a single shade of color.

Records and Documents Officer

Rachel Gordon, Records and Documents Officer

My name is Rachel Gordon. I am a sophomore at Stetson who is pursuing a biology degree on a pre-vet track. I am the records and documents officer for MSC and I also am in the process of joining numerous organizations on campus including The Peace Corp Prep Program, AK Psi and Alpha Chi Omega. I would love to travel the world someday and my main goal in life is to live a life full of joy and adventure.