2023 Multicultural Student Council Awards

student during event posing with award

Organization of the Year

This is an award for an MSC organization that had great quality programming, meetings, going to other MSC org events, collaborating with other organizations across campus, showing up to presidents' meetings, and overall exceeded all expectations. This organization strives to bring the organization outside the boundaries of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and into other spaces on campus.

Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) 

Most Improved Organization of the Year Award

This is an award for the MSC organization who you believe to have grown, whether in programming, member attendance, or any other area where there was improvement.

Latinx Student Union (LSU)

Most Visible Organization of the Year Award

This is an award for the MSC organization who you believe to have been the most present on campus. This organization has had a strong campus-wide presence this year and has created space for conversation regarding their topic area.

Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) 

MSC Outstanding Program of the Year Award

This is an award for the MSC organization who put on an amazing program that made a difference in campus. The program could be outstanding due to the number of people who participated, the content of the program, or the dedication put into making the program a success

APAC: Lunar New Year/ APIDA Session  LSU: Hispanic Heritage Festival   

Michael Nguyen receiving the Outstanding MSC Leader Award

Outstanding MSC Leader Award

This is an award that will go to anybody from any organization who you believe to have showed excellent leadership qualities throughout this year. The leadership showcased could have been in their MSC organization or across multiple MSC organizations. 

Michael Nguyen 

Wenxena Spencer receiving the MSC Innovator Award

MSC Innovator Award

This is an award that will go to an MSC organization member who has implemented new strategies and events that has shaped the organization in a new refreshing and positive way. They may not be on the executive board of their organization but still made an effort to help, contribute, or change the organization for the better.

Wenxena Spencer  

Akeem Todman receiving the Outstanding Organization Advisor Award

Outstanding Organization Advisor

This will be awarded to a MSC Advisor who you believe went above and beyond to help their organization excel in all areas. This advisor was always present (whether it be in meetings, events, etc) and helped the organization flourish.

Akeem Todman  

President(s) of the Year Award

This is an award for the MSC president who you believe to have been a holistic leader for their organization in the past year. Their leadership has not only set an example for the organization, but they also have set out to make their organization a brave space for members, and overall strives to send good vibes throughout the campus.

Claire Sigl and Michael Nguyen (APAC)  

Ruby Moran receiving the Cecil Chik Award

Cecil Chik Award

This award goes to a faculty or staff member that has exceeded expectations and standards this year and dedicated themselves to uplifting the students in the Cross Cultural Center and always believing in them.

Ruby Moran 

Jasmine Waiter-Reynolds receiving the Pinnacle Award

The Pinnacle Award

This award is a recognition given to graduating seniors of the MSC (Multicultural Student Center) who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion on campus and in the community.

Jasmine Waites-Reynolds