Jewish Studies

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The Jewish Studies Program at Stetson University provides you with the opportunity to study the global Jewish diaspora through course offerings on Jewish history, culture and language, religion and philosophy, and politics and law. Conceived as a five-course minor, the program is flexible, fostering familiarity with interdisciplinary approaches, cross-cultural interactions and global learning, including the potential of study abroad at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. It is also unique among most minors at Stetson in requiring a modest research project that addresses one or more of the program learning outcomes.

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Program Overview

One of the oldest fields of interdisciplinary "area studies" (dating back to the mid-19th century), Jewish studies was born out of a conversation between many areas of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences, and therefore encourages engagement with big ideas beyond disciplinary silos.

Though Jews make up a diminutive percentage of the world's population, understanding the history, religion, and culture of Jewish communities leads to greater knowledge of some of the world's most decisive events, the creation of monotheism, the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the French Revolution, nationalism and imperialism, the Holocaust and the foundation of the State of Israel, to name only a few.

Through Jewish studies, you will better understand regions of the world that are of vital importance for our global future, including the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe. Also, you will understand the religion and the (political) culture of your fellow American citizens, the complexities of Middle Eastern politics and the history of American interventions.


The Jewish studies faculty has a diverse variety of professors who teach different subjects including history, religious studies, political science, music and creative arts, and more.

Career Significance

As an interdisciplinary minor, which provides students a rich background in global and transnational history, religion, culture and politics, Jewish studies is the ideal complement to a number of majors across the arts, sciences and professional Schools. Whether you are a finance, religious studies, art, history or biology major, showing that you have the breadth of knowledge of global politics, culture and society is helpful in enriching your resumé and increasing your chances of admission to law, business or medical school.

For more information on possible career paths, educational and experiential opportunities linked to the broader field of Jewish Studies, see the excellent career website of the University of Minnesota Jewish Studies Program, as well as the many opportunities listed at the American Jewish Studies Association website.

Stetson also has a partnership with Hebrew University ( to facilitate study abroad for a semester or a year. For more information, please contact Stetson's WORLD office.

All Jewish young adults (18-32) are also eligible for an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel through Birthright.

Campus Hillel

For Jewish Studies Minors interested in extra and co-curricular Jewish life, Stetson has a vibrant Hillel organization. For more information, please contact Sam Friedman, or follow the Hillel Facebook page.

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