Financial Information

The MFA of the Americas is a 44-credit hour program; each semester is 11 credit hours, including the final semester which culminates in a fifth residency. Having completed their final projects, graduating students join us for two nights to offer craft talks and thesis readings/performances, as we celebrate them and their work. 

Tuition rates are set each year, you can find the most current rates are published by Student Financial Aid

*Domestic Fees are optional
**International Residency Fee is required. This fee will appear on your student account as a "course fee"

*For Domestic Residencies, students are responsible for their own lodging and meals.  Students can opt for a room and/or meals at Atlantic Center for the Arts.  In those instances, a separate housing and meal charge will be assessed to your student account outside of the tuition charge.

**For International Residencies, the MFA program is working with Campus B, an international learning provider, through Stetson's WORLD Center for International Learning. The Campus B package will include hotel, transportation, and other services; students participating in international residencies are required to sign on for the Campus B package through WORLD.

For both residencies, students are responsible for the cost of traveling to the site and books. Note: Stetson offers travel scholarships through the WORLD Rinker Center for International Learning. See below.

MFA Scholarship: The Villages

This scholarship provides $10,000/year to students enrolled in the MFA of the Americas program who reside in The Villages or surrounding area. Students may maintain the scholarship from entry to graduation (up to four semesters) by successfully passing each course (classes are Pass/Fail) at Stetson. To be considered for this scholarship, please indicate your interest and qualifications in your Personal Statement, submitted as part of your application package to the MFA of the Americas program. Recipients of the scholarship are selected by the Office of Financial Aid alongside the dean, faculty, and staff affiliated with the MFA of the Americas program.

WORLD Rinker Center for International Learning

Stetson University offers travel scholarships for students who are studying abroad. MFA students are eligible to apply for this funding to help offset travel costs for the international residencies. The application is generally due in early February.

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