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The MFA of the Americas is designed to develop writers whose creative practice embodies an expanded notion of inquiry, making, contexts, and kinships. Our curriculum emphasizes craft, experimentation, reading strategies, translation, site-specificity, and an exploration of the political, social, aesthetic and cultural constellations that form us and our work. Students create a textual work or body of work that reverberates within international contexts and spaces, culminating in a final presentation and performance. The MFA of the Americas forges a lively community of makers who can be exemplars, collaborators, and conduits to a larger creative life.  

Starting with our Residencies and continuing throughout the semester, you work together with your faculty members and classmates to own your craft and explore the unimaginable.  

An important resource for our MFA students is the Academic Calendar as it outlines term dates, packet due dates, thesis deadlines, commencement information, and much more.  


Forms and Support

We encourage you to access the Graduate Student Resource website for more helpful information.