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MFA Program Information

The MFA of the Americas is a 44-credit hour pass/fail program; each semester is 11 credit hours, including the final semester which culminates in a fifth residency. Having completed their final projects, graduating students join us for two nights to offer craft talks and final project readings/performances, as we celebrate them and their work. 

The MFA of the Americas is designed to develop writers whose creative practice embodies an expanded notion of inquiry, making, contexts, and kinships. Our curriculum emphasizes craft, experimentation, reading strategies, translation, site-specificity, and an exploration of the political, social, aesthetic and cultural constellations that form us and our work. Students create a textual work or body of work that reverberates within international contexts and spaces, culminating in a final presentation and performance. The MFA of the Americas forges a lively community of makers who can be exemplars, collaborators, and conduits to a larger creative life.  

Program learning outcomes include:

  1. Analysis: Compose a self-curated, self-directed series of text-based works that demonstrate movement between detail and larger purpose.
  2. Making: Choose and deploy the tools and strategies which build a sustained self-directed textual work or body of work.
  3. Context: Articulate how your work participates in a contemporary (horizontal) conversation and in relation to work over time (vertical).
  4. Kinships: Demonstrate work that expresses connections between fields, communities, nations, etc.

Note: Textual work or series of works may take a variety of forms: writing, image, performance, etc.

Tuition and Fees

You can access the MFA tuition per-credit-hour rate on the main tuition and fee page.

*International Residency Fee is required.

*Domestic Fees are optional.

Students are responsible for their own residency lodging and meals. For domestic residencies, students can opt for a room and board at Atlantic Center for the Arts. For international residencies, the MFA programs is working with Campus B, an international learning provider, through Stetson's WORLD Center for International Learning. The Campus B package will include hotel, transportation, and other services; students participating in international residencies are required to sign on for the Campus B package through WORLD.

Federal Loan Information

New students should complete the FAFSA following the steps below to request financial aid:

  1. Register for an FSA ID by visiting the Federal Student Aid website. Your FSA ID will be used to electronically sign the FAFSA. It may take up to one week to receive your ID.
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the academic year of enrollment. Include Stetson University's federal school code, 001531, when completing the FAFSA. Use your FSA ID to electronically sign your FAFSA.
  3. Visit My Stetson to check on the status of your financial aid award, review outstanding/satisfied requirements and accept or decline your aid.

Returning students should update their FAFSA each year.

If you have questions about federal student aid, please contact the university's Office of Financial Aid at 386-822-7120 or [email protected].

MFA Scholarship: The Villages

This scholarship provides $10,000/year to students enrolled in the MFA of the Americas program who reside in The Villages or surrounding area. Students may maintain the scholarship from entry to graduation (up to four semesters) by successfully Passing each course (classes are Pass/Fail) at Stetson. To be considered for this scholarship, please indicate your interest and qualifications in your Personal Statement, submitted as part of your application package to the MFA of the Americas program. Recipients of the Scholarship are selected by the Office of Financial Aid. Selection may include collaboration with appropriate dean, faculty, and staff affiliated with the MFA of the Americas program.

WORLD Rinker Center for International Learning

Stetson University offers travel scholarships for students who are studying abroad. MFA students are eligible to apply for this funding to help offset travel costs for the international residencies. The application is generally due in early February.

Application link