#MFAotA Spotlight

Prose faculty Sarah Gerard's much-anticipated book True Love is praised as a Best Book of 2020 by Glamour and Bustle

“A scouring tale of how a person moves through toxic relationships while maintaining a sense of agency, subsisting with awareness in a noxious world." - Elle Nash, BOMB

Sarah Gerard's True Love
Reconception of Marie

Program Director Teresa Carmody's forthcoming novel The Reconception of Marie is available for pre-order now! 

"Sharp, funny and devastating, this coming of age tale of a young queer girl in the Christian far-right community of Michigan is essential reading for anyone who has ever felt like a misfit." - Mona Awad

From Prose faculty Veronica Gonzalez, the documentary Pat Steir: Artist is now available to stream on Apple TV, Google Play, Prime Video, and Vimeo on Demand. 

"In [the film], Steir’s spirited ruminations on her work—large-scale paintings produced by pouring, dripping, and splashing colors thinned with linseed oil and turpentine—become a kind of feminist manifesto: For a woman artist of her generation, it took an iron will just to be in the picture." - Marley Marius, Vogue 

Pat Steir
Pablo Vindel book

Pablo Vindel, Poetry in the Expanded Field alumnus, has released a limited edition artist book from her(e) to now(here) which is now available through Naranja Publicaciones.

"[Vindel] treats his words the same way he treats his images: they are constellations, not descriptions." - Sabrina Mandanici, Collector Daily


Prose alumna Rebecca Renner is a contributing writer to National Geographic. Her article on vivid and unusual dreaming during the pandemic was viewed by over a million readers. 

"Researchers explain why withdrawal from our usual environments—due to social distancing—has left dreamers with a dearth of 'inspiration.'"

Renner Nat Geo
Almonds are Members of the Peach Family

Almonds are Members of the Peach Family from Prose faculty Stephanie Sauer received the 2018 Noemi Press Book Award for Prose. 

"Tell the truth about what happened to the body, this book seems to say. Tell the truth about the time in which the body got to be a body, and make it real." - Bhanu Kapil

Potted Meat from Steven Dunn, current Prose student, is a Colorado Book Award Finalist, Tarqaulin Sky Book Awards Co-winner, and a Small Press Distribution Bestseller. Recently, it has been adapted into the short film, The Usual Route from Foothill Productions.

"Zero indulgence, all formative. Bone Thugs, underage drinking, alienation, death, love, Bob Ross, dreams of blood: This thin thing is flooded with power." - Blake Butler, VICE

Dunn Potted Meat
The Rape Kit

Poetry in the Expanded Field faculty and program co-founder Terri Witek won Slope Editions' 16th Annual Book Contest with her sixth book of poetry, The Rape Kit

"The range and depth of this book is astonishing in its precision, and in its probing. The Rape Kit manages an unrelenting force of return to languages of steely repression, thereby stealing power from the gaze of the apparatuses and those behind it. It is a miraculous accomplishment." - Dawn Lundy Martin