Faculty and Teaching

Biology is the most integrative of the natural sciences and directly affects the lives of individuals in myriad ways, and therefore understanding of biology is necessary for making informed decisions about societal and personal issues. We provide our students with a solid foundation in critical thinking skills combined with scientific literacy.

The mission of the Biology Department is to provide rigorous scientific training in a traditional liberal arts environment in which the primary focus is extensive interaction with undergraduate students in small-class and one-on-one settings. We aspire to engender in all of our students a lifetime passion for biology.

Teaching comes first with Stetson University's Biology faculty. All Biology classes include hands-on laboratory sections taught by professors. Stetson University students study contemporary investigative techniques and theories through faculty-directed research and required senior projects.

Below is a list of our Biology professors and the courses they regularly teach for Biology majors. All of them teach Introductory Biology and take turns teaching Current Perspectives in Biology, Junior Proposal, and Senior Seminar. You can also earn more about student research collaborations.

Biology Faculty: