ODI Staff at Event


Signature Events

Multicultural Alumni Homecoming Family Reunion

This evening celebrates the diverse cultural identities of Stetson University's alumni community during Homecoming week. We gather to reconnect with our community, deepen our bonds, and enhance our University for the next generation of Hatters.
Watch the 2020 Multicultural Alumni Family Reunion: Resistance to Transformation. Keynote by Dr. Primrose Cameron.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Life and Legacy Event

This program is centered around celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. The event is usually in the first few week of January to remember and embrace the continuation of systemic change.
Watch the 2021 Martin Luther King Jr. Life and Legacy Event: Restoring the Dream. Keynote by Ted Small.

Training Events


Other Annual Events

  • Conferences
    • Student Leadership and Diversity Conference (SLDC) in Columbia, South Carolina.
    • Multicultural Leadership Summit in Tallahassee, Florida.
  • E-race
  • Only Love
  • Sankofa
  • Hatter Saturday
  • Lavender Graduation
  • MSC Banquet

Continuous Events

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CUB Monthly Cultural Campaign

Spring Semester

  • January: First Year College Students Month
  • February: Black History Month
  • March: National Women's History Month
  • April: Asian Pacific Islander Month

Fall Semester

  • September: Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October: Disability Awareness Month
  • November: Native American Heritage Month
  • December: Ally's Month

Notable Past Events

Let's Talk Action: June 25, 2020

Part two in this series provided space for current Stetson students and alumni to share their ideas to alter the harmful patterns of racism that occur on Stetson’s campus, individually and systemically. Watch the recording.

Let's Talk Racism: June 23, 2020

Part one in this series provided space for current Stetson students and alumni to engage in storytelling and share their experiences of racism on campus and in the DeLand community. Watch the recording.

Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) has partnered with several other Stetson departments to bring awareness and start restoring our campus. Notably of which was this flash panel co-sponsored by ODI and the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence. Watch the recording.