International Students

International Students

Welcome to the United States and to Stetson University!

Please complete the international student application checklist through the Office of Admission, as well as the International Student Certification of Finances. A CSS Profile from the College Board is also required.

CSS Profile

The CSS Profile, administered and maintained by the College Board, opens the door to nonfederal scholarships that can make a big difference when it comes time to pay for college.

Stetson University's CSS profile code is 5630.

More Financial Aid Videos

International students will only receive an I-20 for their F-1 student visa application after completing the Certification of Finances, the accompanying proof of funding and the CSS Profile, which will be used to determine your ability to afford the full-time cost of attendance for one school year (including housing and meals). This includes any scholarships received from Stetson University or other sources.

Your Financing Options

Though traditional financial aid options are limited to citizens of the United States, there are still many options available for international students:

  • International students are eligible to apply for Stetson University scholarships and are encouraged to apply for as many as they are interested in pursuing.
  • The CSS Profile is required for international applicants.
  • Stetson University accepts outside scholarships. Visit FastWeb to set up your profile and apply for scholarships.
  • ELMSelect provides a list of private lenders most commonly used by Stetson students and allows students and prospective students to apply for a loan.