Affordability Tools

Stetson University is committed to making higher education as affordable as possible. Determinations for financial aid are based on financial need, merit and fund availability. Below are some tools to help get you started in this process:

  • Private College 529 Plan: This prepaid tuition investment plan offers a guaranteed way to lock in today's tuition rates for tomorrow's education at more than 280 private colleges.
  • Florida Pre-Paid: This plan can be used at Stetson at an amount equal to what would be paid to the Florida school your plan is designed for – you're just responsible for the difference. Participants in Florida Prepaid College Plans may have the Bursar's Office bill the plan on their behalf. In order to use the Florida Prepaid Program at Stetson University, the owner of the program must complete a transfer form and send it to Florida Prepaid.

  • FAFSA: Apply for federal student aid which includes grants and loans. Application opens October 1.
  • State Aid: The state of Florida assists Florida residents with state-funded grants and scholarships, including Bright Futures, Effective Access to Student Education Grant, and Florida Student Assistance Grant – Non-Florida residents should check with their state about the availability of funding for attendance at an out-of-state institution.
  • CSS Profile: Apply for institutional need-based aid. Application opens October 1.

  • Outside Scholarships: Fastweb is a search engine that provides outside scholarship resources and databases.
  • Stetson Scholarships: Additional scholarships offered by Stetson University for which new incoming students may apply. (Applications and deadlines may apply).
  • Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Loans: Federal Direct Stafford Loan programs are available to US citizens and eligible non-citizens.
  • Federal Student Aid: There are a variety of federal aid programs available. Learn more about them and how to apply.