Councils and Committees

In support of the educational mission of the University, faculty actively participate in shaping our community. As an important facet of governance, faculty and staff members are expected to be willing to share in the work of the University through councils, committees, and task forces.

The inidividual council and committee links below are for secure webpages; log in may be required. More information on councils and committees is available in the Stetson University Policies and Procedures Section 2 - Organization and Administration of the University.

2015-2016 University Committees Membership

General Purpose

University councils, committees, and task forces are established with the mission to:

  • Carry out ongoing work and special projects related to the educational purposes of the University;
  • Insure creativity, involvement, and communication among the faculty in the work of the University;
  • Assure faculty representation in and communication with the administration of the University in all matters involving their mutual concern;
  • Unify the University in its common tasks;
  • Give faculty members a share in the decision making processes which affect their well-being and work; and
  • Distribute the work load of the University as evenly as possible.

University committees are appointed by the Provost, who consults with the Dean’s Council and the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate regarding membership and chairs.

Each committee, within the general framework of its description of responsibilities, develops its own procedures. These should include the keeping of minutes. At the end of each year, a brief summary annual report of the actions of the committee and any recommendations should be made to the Provost.

Council and Committees Listing

General Councils

Academic Leaders

Faculty Senate


The following councils and committees report to the President or to the President's Cabinet

Campus Life and Student Success Committee

Tenure, Grievance, and Academic Freedom Committee

University Athletics Committee

University Facutly Compensation Committee


The following councils and committees report to the Provost.

Academic Planning Advisory Committee

Academic Technology Committee

Admissions Committee

Artists and Lecturers Committee

General Education Assessment Committee

Honor System Council Advisory Committee

Honors Program Executive Committee

Institutional Review Board for Human Participants

International Programs Committee

Library Committee

Professional Development Committee

University Council on Curriculum and Academic Policy (UCCAP)

University Council on Curriculum and Academic Policy Steering Committee

University General Education Committee (UGEC)

Univeristy Promotion and Tenure Committee

Dean and AVP

The following are the councils and committees who report to the Provost through an academic dean or assistant/associate vice president.

Africana Studies Committee

College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee

Continuing Education and Life Long Learning Committee

Council of Undergraduate Associate Deans (CUAD)

Digital Arts Committee

Health Care Issues Program Committee

School of Business Administration Curriculum Committee

Undergraduate Research Committee

University Writing Program

Women and Gender Studies Committee