Cross Cultural Center

Welcome to the Cross-Cultural Center and Intercultural Initiatives! Our office is a safe space open to all of the university's students, faculty and staff. Feel free to stop by and meet new people, make new friends and become part of an important piece of Stetson University.

The Cross Cultural Center (usually referred to as the "Tri-C") isn't just a hub for multicultural student organizations -- we're invested in fostering a campus that supports student development, global citizenship, community involvement and leadership as core values of diversity education initiatives. Through collective community engagement efforts, intercultural initiatives will foster students' awareness and appreciation for diversity, global issues and social justice through open cross-cultural dialogue, workshops, awareness campaigns and intentional high-impact programming of both an educational and social nature.

About the Cross Cultural Center

The Tri-C provides dedicated meeting space for all of Stetson University's Multicultural Student Council-affiliated (MSC) organizations. Our spacious and comfortable living room is used for group activities, organizational meetings and intercultural dialogue.

Our office features:

  • A fully functional kitchen which is available for student use
  • An Xbox and Xbox Kinect with numerous games for study breaks
  • A growing multicultural library
  • A board room which is open to study groups and committee meetings
  • A multipurpose space with couches and tables
  • A designated student organization work area
  • Free Wi-Fi

For more information, email us at