Frequently Asked Questions

Who will see the report I file?

Which staff see the report depends on which category the report is submitted under.

General Report - If a general Report It form is filed, the report is immediately received through the system and reviewed the day of or the next business day by the following offices: Dean of Students (including the university on call response team), Community Standards, Student Counseling Services, Residential Living & Learning, Public Safety, and if appropriate Title IX.

Gender Based or Sexual Misconduct - If a Report It form is filled out and gender-based or sexual misconduct is chosen as the type of report under the Type of Report drop down, only the Title IX office receives the report.

Bias Education Support Team - If a Report It form is filled out and bias education support team is chosen as the type of report under the Type of Report drop down, only staff associated with the support team are notified.

If a concern is reported not using the report it form, whoever receives the report will notify university staff associated with following up on a specific report.

Who follows up on a report that has been filed?

It depends on what the report is about, but generally, designated staff follow up on concerns that have been reported. After each report is received, it is reviewed by staff to determine which office or department is best to handle the concern and what action steps are necessary in the moment to ensure the concern is taken care of within an appropriate amount of time. For example, if a roommate concern is submitted, the concern would be addressed by professional staff in Residential Living and Learning. If there is an immediate concern for the mental health of a student, the Stetson University On Call team will immediately begin working to make contact with and support the student whom the concern is about.

What will follow up look like for a report I file?

It all depends on what the report is about. More often than not, contact is made with the student, staff/faculty, or community member the report concerns and necessary follow up occurs. This often includes providing resources to the individual to help support them during their time at Stetson and/or addressing any behavior mentioned in the report that may be of concern.

Will I hear back from anyone after I submit a report?

Not necessarily. Sometimes individuals who file a report are contacted to obtain additional details on a situation. However, Stetson University does not guarantee that each report submitter will receive a response regarding the report. Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) the university is limited in what can be shared with others regarding a student enrolled at Stetson. You may or may not be contacted depending on the content provided. If you have a question or wish to follow-up to this report, please e-mail

Can I submit a report anonymously?

Yes! You can use the Report It form to submit a report anonymously. However, remaining anonymous and submitting a report may limit what we can do to follow up on the information provided.