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Public Management

Local governments and nonprofit organizations are seeking leaders to do more in the community with fewer resources. Public management draws on several disciplines, most notably political science, to prepare students to assume leadership roles in government and in private firms that deal extensively with government agencies. In our public management program, you will develop strong management skills essential to flourish in a multitude of pivotal opportunities.

Why Public Management at Stetson University?

With a major in Public Management, you take a mixture of required and elective courses designed to provide an understanding of the political and institutional contexts in which public policies are made and implemented, as well as instill the values and technical and managerial skills necessary for public sector management.

You develop the qualities of mind and heart to serve as a leader of local communities and the world and not just as an informed citizen. While pursuing a career in public sector management, you will "embrace leadership in an increasingly complex, interdependent and technological world." Your broad-based education in the liberal arts will encourage you to pursue work in government or related careers with integrity and social responsibility.

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Lana Kolchinsky ’22

“Stetson seemed like a really awesome place to be. So, I wanted to visit it. And I had a really wonderful experience. … In the end, I’m so glad that I chose it.”

Lana Kolchinsky ’22, Political Science, former Student Government President

Matt Morton '06

"My experience at Stetson University was transformative because it inspired my curiosity and my activism. I learned to ask a lot of questions and dig beneath the surface. At the same time, Stetson gave me firsthand experience in applying research to action. Ever since, my life in research and public service has been defined by a commitment to tackling tough problems ... ."

Matt Morton ’06 Political Science, social scientist and development specialist

Career Outcomes

The public management major is designed to equip you with the skills to move into public service oriented careers, such as:

Local Government

  • Analyst
  • Departmental head
  • City/county manager

Nonprofit Organization

  • Analyst
  • Executive director

For-profit Organization

  • Government relations analyst
  • Government relations lobbyist

Some public management students will pursue a master of public administration immediately following graduating from Stetson, while others will move directly into employment and after gaining a few years of experience return to school to acquire their master of public administration.

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Affiliated Faculty

  • Clay Henderson, JD, Samford University

Students must meet General Education Requirements in addition to specific requirements within the major area of study.


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