Political Science at Stetson University: Preparing Graduates for Lives in Public Affairs

Where do Political Science majors from Stetson go after graduation? To elective office in Congress and state legislatures; to leading universities as teachers and researchers; and to distinguished careers in journalism, business, government service, and the law. In recent years, the most popular destination for Stetson's Political Science graduates has been the law, where they join generations of Stetson alumni who have served as respected judges and attorneys in Florida and around the nation.

An education in Political Science at Stetson is about more than elections, treaties, and lawmaking. It offers students a broad and challenging preparation for life in public affairs or commerce, whether in this country or abroad. It does so in an environment of small classes and seminars that is supplemented by an unusually rich array of special opportunities. On campus, students participate in the United States Model Senate, the International Symposium, and the Sophomore Seminar, and they write their own theses in the senior year. Off campus, Political Science majors will be found in internships in Central Florida and around the world, including in fully-funded internships in Spain and Latin America. They also take part in study trips to New York, Washington, Tallahassee, Central America, and Central Asia, trips that are led by members of the Political Science Department.

Faculty here are devoted to undergraduate education and to sharing their knowledge and experience with political science students. But besides being teachers, they are also advancing knowledge in political science and engaging the political issues of the day. Stetson's Political Science professors have done important field work on four different continents and speak languages ranging from Spanish, French, German to Portuguese, and Russian. It is an unusual and exciting combination: a small university and a rich array of courses and faculty expertise.