Faculty and Staff

Woman standing in front of organic chemistry symbols and formulas smiling

Delphine Pinet, PhD

Assistant Professor of Practice in Chemistry

 [email protected]


 Sage 249

Research interests:  Organic synthesis and research involving phosphorus dendrimers.


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Harry Price, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Director of Biochemistry

 [email protected]


 Sage 236

Research interests:  Development of drug resistance in organisms, interactions of carcinogens with DNA


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Matt Shannon, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry 

 [email protected]


 Sage 244

Research interests:  Design of advanced undergraduate labs (e.g., biochemistry and spectroscopy) to improve pedagogy, NMR and computational methods to probe protein-ligand interactions 


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Meghan McGreal, PhD

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

 [email protected]


 Sage 235

Research interests:  Computational research involving reactions and geometry of various chemical compounds and active sites.

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Paul Sibbald, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry

 [email protected]


 Sage 246

Research interests:  Organic chemistry and synthesis, with an emphasis on reaction development and mechanistic study, The synthesis of novel dyes with anti-microbial properties


Man in black polo smiling standing in front of an instrumentation for research

John York, PhD

Professor of Chemistry, Chemistry Department Chair

 [email protected]


 Sage 245

Research interests:  Transition metal chemistry, catalysts and chemical reactions, computational research involving transition metal compounds to perform important chemical transformations


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Ricky Coulson

Lab Director and Chemical Hygiene Manager

 [email protected]


 Sage 247