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Chemistry and Biochemistry at Stetson University

Chemistry is the study of atoms, molecules, and the chemical reactions that they undergo. With close links to all other areas of science and technology, chemistry is a great major to consider, and an ACS-accredited degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry from Stetson offers the ideal preparation for careers in the physical and biological sciences, health professions, business, and even law.

Your experience in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Stetson will be characterized by:

  • small class sizes
  • personalized attention from Ph.D. faculty
  • hands-on research with modern chemical instrumentation

With research capabilities typically found at larger research universities, combined with the one-on-one interaction that Stetson is known for, your education in Chemistry or Biochemistry at Stetson will prepare you for success.

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Chemistry and Biochemistry Highlights

  • ACS-accredited Chemistry and Biochemistry degrees
  • Five full time Ph.D. faculty members
  • Approximately 60 undergraduate majors
  • Small classes- typically 35 or less in freshman and sophomore level classes; 10-12 in junior and senior level classes
  • ALL students participate in hands-on undergraduate research with Ph.D. faculty mentors
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation including a new 400 MHz JEOL NMR spectrometer (NSF-funded)
  • Brand new undergraduate synthetic research facilities (NSF-funded)
  • Full computational chemistry capabilities (NSF-funded)