two students that received the chemistry student awards

Chemistry Student Award Recipients

These students are recognized for their academic excellence in the chemistry or biochemistry program at Stetson University. We are proud of every chemistry student and are honored to acknowledge the exemplary performance of these significant students. Whether it was in the laboratory or the classroom, these students excelled academically in their craft. Awards include the American Institute of Chemists (AIC) Foundation Outstanding Senior Award, General Chemistry Award, Organic Chemistry Award, Analytical Chemistry Award and Inorganic Chemistry Award.


The list of academic achievements are sorted by year below

AIC Outstanding Senior Award - Jake Simmons

General Chemistry Award - Dania Almaatouk

Organic Chemistry Award - Kirk Mattern

Analytical Chemistry Award - Christian Berberich

Inorganic Chemistry Award - Aaron Gamache

AIC Outstanding Senior Award - Savannah Rheingold

General Chemistry Award - Skyler Gipson

Organic Chemistry Award - Christian Berberich

Analytical Chemistry Award - Emily Shamis

Inorganic Chemistry Award - Jake Simmons

AIC Outstanding Senior Award - Matis Fogel

General Chemistry Award - Christian Berberich

Organic Chemistry Award - Chloe DeYoung

Analytical Chemistry Award - Jake Simmons

Inorganic Chemistry Award - Colby Witts