Request for Financial Aid Review

The Office of Student Financial Planning recognizes that the Financial Aid process does not always reflect the unique circumstances of each family. As a result, we offer you the ability to provide us with this information. Please read the explanation below to determine which form you should complete.

The Request for Financial Aid Award Review form should be completed under the following special circumstances:

  • Loss/reduction of work income (at least four weeks).
  • Loss of employment or some untaxed income or benefit
  • Household has unusually high unreimbursed medical and dental expenses
  • Legal separation or divorce
  • Death of parent
  • Any information or changes affecting the family's financial situation

Please complete this form to document those situations. A committee within the Office of Student Financial Planning will review your request. Decisions are based on the documentation provided and the guidelines established by Stetson University and federal/state regulations. All decisions of the committee are final and a CSS PROFILE is required in order to be considered for a review.

Your request will not be reviewed until we receive all of the required documentation.

After submission, allow up to four weeks for our office to review and evaluate your request. Any additional document requests may delay the decision process. Hurricane-related requests will be expedited.

A request for financial aid review may be requested at any time resulting from a change in family circumstances.