Professor and Student talking outside of a building

Resources for Faculty

Academic Success works in collaboration with faculty and staff in order to best serve students. One of our responsibilities is to educate faculty and staff about who we are and the students we serve. Below are links that provide further information about general resources to support students academically, as well as specific information about classroom accessibility and accommodations.

General Academic Resources

  • DevelopED - Request a Student Success presentation for your class
  • Tutoring & SPI Hours and Locations - Help a student find the right content-based support to be successful
  • Success Coaching - Refer a student to meet with a success coach to explore overarching academic skills and strategies
  • Degree Audit - Help a student navigate and use Degree Audit to be better prepared for class selections and advising assistance
  • Academic Advising Faculty Resources - Access appointment checklists and Stetson advising tools and resources for faculty advisors

Accessibility Resources

Outside Resources