Writing Program At Stetson

Welcome back, Hatters!

The Writing Program wants you to be as successful as possible, so here's your list for the semester:

  • Get started on papers and essays earlier, rather than later. Serious writers take the time they need to sort through problems that crop up during composing and revising. You can't ever be sure how long a writing project will take to complete!
  • Stop by the Writing Center or make an appointment with a tutor. You can work with someone one-on-one on your projects, and because the Writing Center is in the Library, you can take care of the research you need at the same time!
  • When you have questions about a writing project, ask your instructor. How many sources? How recent do they have to be? What are the page or word requirements? Is the project an argument, an analysis, a report, or something else? What examples can your instructor offer you?
  • Create a comfort zone for your writing projects. A cubby in the Library, a corner in your room, your favorite tree on campus...make sure you have everything you need, like the laptop cord for charging, enough pens and paper for scribbling notes, and the books you're reading. Plug in your playlist and write!

Have a great semester!