Stetson's Carlton Student Union building with students walking up

Incoming Exchange - Financial Planning

Expected Budget

Below is an expected budget for an exchange student, all numbers are approximate.

  • Accommodation - $900/month
  • Food & Meals (average) - $600/month
  • Health Insurance - $100/month
  • Local Transportation - $50/month
  • Leisure - $200/month
  • Books and School Supplies - $400/semester
  • Miscellaneous - $50/month

Employment Opportunities

You are permitted to work on the Stetson University campus during your stay here. Campus jobs include office and cafeteria work, sometimes even a bit of tutoring. Office jobs typically require typing. Interested students should refer to the Student Employment Program for more information. International students are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week on campus. Off campus employment is not allowed.