A picture taken of the front side of the Allen House/Human Resources Office.

Forms and Materials

The following links can be utilized to access and print materials commonly used by department supervisors and student employees. All forms should be completed and submitted to the student employment assistant director unless otherwise noted.

Student Forms

  • Direct Deposit - Paychecks can be automatically deposited into a checking account, a savings account or into multiple accounts.
  • I-9 Form* - A federal form that must be completed by students hired for any position within the fiscal year (unless a current I-9 form is on file with the student employment coordinator from the previous year). Note: Federal law requires that students present a combination of approved documents for completion of this form. Students should arrive at the Office of Human Resources (Located next to Allen Hall) prepared with the original documents required for this form at the time of submission. Please follow the link for more detailed information.
  • Payroll Schedule - A student employee may access the payroll schedule to view when the pay period ends and they should submit their timesheet/submit a payroll variance form, or when they should be paid. 
  • Payroll Variance Form - If a student employee does not submit their time sheet by the deadline a payroll variance form must be completed before they will be paid. The form must be completed and signed by the employee and their supervisor. Once completed the form should be delivered to the Office of Finance
    (located on the corner of East Wisconsin Avenue and North Amelia Avenue) or the Office of Human Resources (located next to Allen Hall).
  • Student Employee Policies and Procedures Manual - Each student employee is responsible for educating themselves on the policies and procedures that govern the student employment program at Stetson University.
  • W-4 Form* - An IRS form that all student employees must submit at the time of hire.

*Required in order to work

Supervisor Forms

  • Appropriate Interview Questions- Listed are some of the more common unacceptable and acceptable pre-employment inquiries that supervisors should avoid or ask during an interview session.
  • Hatterjobs Posting Form- Supervisors are to complete this form for each position in order to provide Student Employment with the job contact information, job details, and job functions. The information will be posted on Hatterjobs to inform students about open positions on campus.
  • Off-boarding - Supervisors can use this form to notify Student Employment of student employee departures. This form also informs pertinent offices regarding termination of student access to various applications (Blackboard, Banner, network drive, etc.). 
  • Student Employment Funding Transfer - Supervisors are able to move funding from one position to another or fund positions through operating budgets by completing this form.
  • Student Employment Onboarding Worksheet- Onboarding is the process of bringing a new employee into an organization. By using this worksheet, as a supervisor, you will be able to streamline the process. You will be able to fill out sections regarding the job requirements, work performance, expected dress, attendance policy, and proper etiquette of a student employee. It will also help a student employee by reminding them of the requirements that must be completed before starting a job or within 30 days of hire.
  • Student Employee Policy and Procedures Manual- Each department supervisor is responsible for educating themselves on the policies and procedures that govern the student employment program at Stetson University.
  • Student Employment Supervisor Training Powerpoint- The Supervisor Training PowerPoint helps new supervisors or seasoned supervisors who need additional help to lead employees better, reduce risk to the organization, reduce their stress, and accelerate their skills to improve productivity, reduce conflicts, reduce grievances, and increase workplace harmony. The PowerPoint covers Regulations, Position Postings, Onboarding, Offboarding, Student Training Opportunities, Competencies, Evaluations, Supervisor Development Sessions and Student Recognition.
  • Student Position Creation - Supervisors can use this form to create new positions for students within their office. The funding source is always necessary and must be identified when creating new positions.