Policies at Stetson University

All current university policies are in the process of being migrated to PolicyTech. PolicyTech is a web-based policy management solution that automates the process of drafting, approving and publishing policies. The intent of this new system is to provide convenient access to university, campus, school, college and department policies and will be the centralized source for the most current version of Stetson policies.

PolicyTech serves as a database for university, school, college and department policies that have been adopted, revised and approved as described in the Policy on Policies. Current policies will be added to PolicyTech as they are revised to comply with the Policy on Policies. New policies will be added to PolicyTech as they are approved. All policies will be transitioned into PolicyTech by June 10, 2023.

View Published Policies and Procedures in PolicyTech

Currently, PolicyTech does not contain a comprehensive list of university policies. If the policy you are searching for has not yet been revised and migrated into PolicyTech, please contact the school, college or department that oversees the policy or the subject matter to obtain the most up to date policy.

Owner, writer, reviewer and approver access to PolicyTech is limited at this time. If you are a policy owner, writer, reviewer or approver and do not have access to PolicyTech, please contact Elise Paulson, Director of Risk Management.  

Recently Approved/Updated Policies

Policies Currently Pending

  • Protection of Minor Children in University Programs
  • Vehicle and Driver Safety

Academic Policies

Academic Affairs


Academic Student Policies Graduate

Academic Affairs

College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs Academic Honor Code

Records, Grades and Registration

School of Business Administration Graduate Programs Academic Honor Code

Academic Student Policies Undergraduate

Organization, Policies and Procedures Manual

Section 2 - Organization and Administration of the University

Section 3 - Academic Affairs

Section 4 - Human Resources Policies

Section 5 - Finance Policies


Statements on Academic Freedom and Professional Ethics, Faculty Appointments, General Statement on Tenure and Requests for Reasons for Non-tenure or Non-promotion

Other Policies

Concerns and Grievances





Safety, Security and Health

Student Health

Tuition, Fees and Business-Related Policies

Web, Technology and Security

Other Information