Sandhill Ecosystem and Ecology Resources

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(For a complete listing of museum resources, including selected exhibit materials and additional museum grounds information, see this comprehensive Overview of Gillespie Museum Online Resources.)

Explorations and Activities

Backyard Field Studies & Identification Guides

Arachnology Home Backyard

Spiders of House and Yard, Arachnology Study & ID Guide

Arachnology Field Forest

Spiders of Field and Forest, Arachnology Study & ID Guide

Make your own Spooky Spiderweb - how-to video

Backyard Lepidopterology

Backyard Butterflies, Lepidopterology Study & ID Guide

Backyard Anthecology

Backyard Pollinators, Anthecology Study & ID Guide

Backyard Ornithology Spring-Fall

Backyard Birds (Spring-Fall), Ornithology Study & ID Guide

Backyard Ornithology Winter

Backyard Birds (Winter), Ornithology Study & ID Guide

Art in Nature

 watercolor workshop

Watercolor Painting Workshop in the Volusia Sandhill - video

Plant Projects

Herbarium How-to

Pressed Plants and Flowers - Herbarium How-to

attracting pollinators

Attracting Pollinators with Native Florida Wildflowers - How-to video

Natural Dyes - Kayla Powers

Natural Dyes Demonstration with artist Kayla Powers - video

Florida Ethnobotany

Florida Ethnobotany

Florida Ethnobotany, info sheets combined - pdf

(Visit the Florida Ethnobotany Virtual Exhibit Page)

Pollination Diagrams

flower parts

Flower Parts Diagram and Coloring Page

bee parts coloring page

Bee Parts Diagram and Coloring Page

Pollination Word Puzzles

pollination crossword

Plant and Pollinator Crossword Puzzle

pollination word search

Plant and Pollinator Word Search

Citizen Science Opportunities

sandhill citizen science

Pollination Observation - Citizen Science in the Sandhill

Volusia Sandhill Scavenger Hunts

pollinator scavenger hunt

Pollinator Scavenger Hunt in the Sandhill

sandhill scavenger hunt

Volusia Sandhill Ecosystem Scavenger Hunt

Museum Grounds Explorations

Native Florida Plant Landscape Map

Native Florida Plant Landscape self-guided tour map (letter size)

Native Florida Plant Landscape self-guided tour map (legal size)

Outdoor Classroom Investigations

leaf transpiration

Leaf Transpiration - Outdoor Classroom Sandhill Study

soil profile outdoor study

Soil Profile - Outdoor Classroom Sandhill Study

(Stay tuned! More online materials in the works.)

Also, see our Geology and Mineralogy Resources page!