Assurance of Learning

The School of Business recognizes the impact that a structured assurance of learning process has in guiding the activities of the school and its departments. Such a structure enables the school to effectively measure and improve student learning outcomes.

These learning goals guide the instruction of our students, our continual improvement of the quality of student learning and our assessment of the business acumen of our graduates.

Undergraduate Business Learning Goals

Think critically and analytically

Apply ethical principles to business decisions

Understand important business principles

Communicate effectively using different media and contexts

Evaluate business decisions in a global context

Graduate Business Learning Goals

Think critically, analyze and solve problems effectively, and make decisions across functional areas

Communicate ideas and information effectively in the business context

Understand how global issues impact business decision making

Understand the importance of ethical decision making for the organization and society

Critically analyze and solve business problems of executive level strategic significance

Apply and evaluate the components of executive leadership in a professional context

Undergraduate Accounting Learning Goals

Identify and discuss ethical considerations in an accounting context

Employ analytical skills to solve accounting-specific (financial and managerial)

Identify, illustrate and describe enterprise and transaction cycles and business processes

Identify and apply the appropriate GAAP and IFRS standards relating to financial reporting

Graduate Accounting Learning Goals

Communicate effectively in an accounting context

Develop well-supported, clearly articulated arguments to support positions and justify conclusions within an accounting context

Identify ethical considerations and draw professionally supportable conclusions in an accounting context

Research appropriate authoritative sources and apply findings to specific facts and issues within an accounting context

Gather, analyze, and interpret data into meaningful information for making decisions in an accounting context

For more information about Stetson University's core set of expectations for liberal learning, visit in the General Education page in the University Catalog.