Visiting Scholars

Anneleen Michiels

Anneleen Michiels, PhD

Assistant Professor of Finance & Family Business
Research Center for Entrepreneurship and Family Firms
Hasselt University, Belgium

Visiting Scholar: November - December 2017

"During my five-week stay, I had the chance to develop new research collaborations and engage in many seminars and conversations about family business research with not only faculty but also with students and local entrepreneurs. The Family Enterprise Center is a place that is highly conducive to impactful research and gave me the opportunity to grow my international network and to meet (old and new) friends and colleagues with a passion for family business research.

"The best part was, of course, getting an invitation to go tailgating during Stetson's homecoming weekend."

Claudio Muller

Claudio Müller, PhD

Assistant Professor of Strategy
University of Chile

Visiting Scholar: February 2017

"I was invited by Dr. Isabel Botero with the proposition of realizing a brief international stay to conduct research and teach on family enterprise topics. I supported Dr. Isabel Botero in a few of her strategy and family enterprise courses through case presentations and exhibitions. We also developed the workshop, "How to Write a Business Case," which was directed by Dr. Ram Subramanian in February 2017.

"The experience was highly impactful. First, I have learned much from my colleagues in the United States about methods of teaching as well as research. I was also able to improve and practice the English language in an academic environment. The best parts of the visit were the contact with the undergraduate students and the strengthening of professional relationships, particularly with Dr. Isabel Botero and Dr. Ram Subramanian."

(translated from Spanish)

Juan David Pelaez Leon

Juan David Peláez León, PhD

Assistant Professor
Universidad del Valle, Colombia

Visiting Scholar: August - October 2016

"I visited the center because I wanted to perform my doctoral research stay at the Family Enterprise Center. I was in the third year of the doctoral program in business science at the University of Murcia in Spain, and I had planned during my studies to visit a recognized family business center in a foreign country.

"My special interest in this center was due to the role it played at Stetson University, something about which I wanted to learn more. It was also a great opportunity to work with Dr. Isabel Botero. Beyond being the director of the center at that time, Dr. Botero is recognized in the field of family enterprise for her many contributions to research. Some of these contributions related to my dissertation.

"As visiting research scholar, I worked with Dr. Botero in a research collaboration project in the area of human resource management (HRM) in family firms. Specifically, we worked on a literature review article to explore what we know about HRM in family firms. At the end of my visit. I gave a talk in the brown bag series for the Family Enterprise Center based on the results obtained from that review.

"Other activities that enriched my stay were my visits to two classes taught by center professors. That gave me the opportunity to learn their classroom methodologies as well learn up-close about the teaching/learning context it imparts."

(translated from Spanish)