The Political Science faculty at Stetson teach courses and directs independent research in the four major areas of the discipline:

  • American Government
  • International Relations (Politics between states)
  • Comparative Politics (Politics within states)
  • Political Theory

Political Science Faculty also work closely with students in their capacity as academic advisors. In addition, the faculty is engaged in significant professional activity beyond the classroom, which enriches their teaching and their supervision of student research.


William Nylen, PhD

Office: 112A Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth Plantan, PhD

Office: 113A Elizabeth Hall

Steven Smallpage, PhD

Office: 111B Elizabeth Hall

Kelly B. Smith, PhD

Office: 112C Elizabeth Hall

Alison Parks, PhD

Office: 112D Elizabeth Hall

Yeon Grace Park, PhD

Office: 113A Elizabeth Hall

Professor Emeritus


Catherine Wright 

Office: 111 Elizabeth Hall - [email protected]